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My Instant Attraction dating products are downloadable courses for men that teaches them how to be more successful with meeting women and overcoming their fear of rejection.

My target audience is single adult guys ranging in age from 18-55 who are in need of advice on how to be more successful with dating. This is obviously a large market online and growing every day.

Right now I’m looking for serious, webmasters and website owners who would like to advertise and promote my product in order to generate additional revenue for themselves. I want all of our affiliates to be successful and I appreciate your help.

I am looking for sites that can send 20-1,000 unique visitors a day (or more) to my site.

I usually have conversion rates of 20% to 1%, depending on the quality of traffic sent. This is of course no guarantee of what kind of conversion your traffic will produce, as every traffic source is different, but this site has converted at over 20% to a VERY highly targeted list.

Lets use some very low figures: If you send 1,000 visitors a day, and your conversion is 1%, that would equal about 300 sales per month, which would net you around $11,238.00 a month. If you send more and/or your conversion is higher, you’ll make more. Pretty simple. (Top affiliates are converting between 4%-9.6%)

I use Clickbank (, a third party shopping cart application that tracks ALL your referred traffic and conversions so you are assured of on time, accurate accounting and payment. No worries about some two-bit website running off with your hard-earned money, Clickbank handles some of the biggest marketing websites online.

The affiliate software uses a cookie that will last 60 days from when its first set, so you can rest assured your traffic is accounted for and credited to you.

All of my marketing is professionally written, designed and tested. I’ve had several of the worlds top website conversion experts review and consult with me on this site to help make it the best possible.

Once you have signed up for free below, I will work with you to help set up your marketing efforts for my Instant Attraction Programs, as well as give you tips on how to better organize and structure your site for maximum sales (That's what I do for a living). 

Get a MAMMOTH share of the revenue pie!

Like I mentioned earlier, we pay our affiliates over 75% of our net profit! (i.e. The revenue from a sale minus our costs.) As you can see, the lion’s share goes to the affiliate who actually generates the sale (you).

Product Name

Product Description

Commission You'll Earn on Referred Sales (US Dollars)

The Instant Attraction Program

A step-by-step guide to creating attraction with women... the dating BIBLE!

$31.11 Commission

The Instant Attraction Program (Upsell Version)

Instant Attraction Program which includes the entire “28 SureFire Ways To Instant Dating Success”

$59.25 Commission

Instant Approaching Secrets

Audio course on how to naturally approach women, set-up dates and “get physical” with them

$31.11 Commission  

Instant Approaching Secrets Deluxe Underground

Instant Approaching Secrets plus advanced attraction/approaching techniques

$59.25 Commission

Bad Boy Attraction Secrets

Audio & video course to becoming the "bad boy" women compete and fight for.

$17.98 Commission

Friend to Girlfriend Secrets

Audio & video course on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend.

$59.25 Commission

**Additional Products Coming Soon…**

**Additional Products Coming Soon…**

**Additional Products Coming Soon…**

Click here to access the Quick Start Guide

... To earn these commissions, all you need to do is "Copy and Paste" the special snippet of HTML or text (which we supply) into your web site -- or even into your e-mail messages!

Your unique link will be specially coded to track your orders automatically! And best of all, it’s free to participate; there’s never any cost to you.

What’s Even More Important Than The Amount Of YOUR Commission?

Let’s face it, there are lots of affiliate programs you could join. And many promise big commissions like ours. But if you’ve ever joined an affiliate program and been disappointed, you already know that…

Even the world’s biggest commission is worthless if your visitors don’t BUY the products you’re promoting!

Why wouldn’t your visitors buy? Most web surfers are merely “window shopping.” They’re naturally skeptical. And when they read about a product, they want to think it over. For these reasons, there are two crucial moments in the sales process:

  1. The moment when your visitors see your affiliate ad. That’s right: your web site ad, e-mail promo, or pop-up must be ultra-motivating, or your visitors won’t bother clicking.
  2. Once your visitors click through, the product salesletter must grab their attention, overcome their objections, create urgency, and convince them to buy immediately. The percentage of click-throughs that turn into sales is called your “conversion rate.”

Unfortunately, most ads are not as effective as they could be. And most salesletters have dismally low conversion rates. Why?

Most merchants out there are not professional marketers. By contrast, I am the "go to" guy for many of the world's top Internet Marketers' you see today.

My team and me go to great lengths testing, perfecting, and bulletproofing our marketing processes, ads and sales letters and funnelling. We're constantly tweaking and improving our sales processes, and we NEVER stop working towards higher conversion rates.

Here’s Another Perk:

Whenever we develop new, improved promotional tools -- such as new e-mail promotions, subject lines, or classified ads -- we notify you in our monthly Affiliate-Only newsletter. You can just "Copy and Paste" this text right into your e-mails -- your special tracking code is already included to make sure you get all the commissions you've earned!

With access to our newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear about our latest breakthroughs and discoveries. You’ll also be alerted to special promotions. For example, we sometimes offer higher-than-normal commissions, or bundle products together and offer a package discount.

What's more, you'll get free use of the exclusive cutting-edge tools in our private Affiliate Resource Center, including:

  1. Proven motivating ads that you can "copy and paste," including buttons, banners, text links, classified ads, e-mail promotions, and even pop-ups. Grab your visitors' (and opt-in subscribers') attention, and send them reaching to read our product salesletters!
  2. "Quick-Start Guide" showing you how to get up and running as a successful affiliate right away!

Here's How To Get Started Right Now...

Our affiliate program is FREE to join. Just fill in all your relevant details in the application box below. Once we have confirmed your application, you will be provided with all the necessary marketing & promotional tools to help maximize your sales for you.

If you sign up right now, we'll be giving away 2 FREE exclusive bonus reports:

  • Top Secret Affiliate Wealth Generation Tactics ($49.95 Value!)

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to get you started straight away!

This is the same essential affiliate techniques that's been used by our top 2% super affiliates to generate KILLER commission checks for themselves each and every month (you don't want to miss this!)

You'll be getting advanced marketing materials, from pay-per-click niche keywords, high converting dating articles, email marketing promo tools, product reviews/overviews, banners, text links and so much more!

As we're striving to making this the leading Affiliate Program within the dating niche, be rest assured we'll be sending you periodical affiliate updates, special promotions, special affiliate bonus incentives, along with the latest promotional materials to help maximize your sales the moment they are out.

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I can't possibly reach out to everyone out there. And I believe the fastest way to grow is to have long-term joint venture partners where we can all grow together. So if you think you might have a quality product to promote, or should you have any possible potential good partnership ideas, feel free to email me at here to work out the details.

If you have any questions about my program or product, feel free to email me anytime. I look forward to working with you!

Simon Heong


David K

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